Monday, May 20

Ideas for Victorian Living Room Design

Queen Victoria’s influence in the time of her reign was doubtlessly strong. It extended into the homes of people, causing middle-class persons to redecorate their homes with grandeur pride as a symbol of their societal status.

The Victorian-style living room design is also beloved because is not so difficult to create. In this article, we will tell you how.

1. Select Victorian Furniture

Victorian furniture is renowned for its ornate embellishments carved from wood and rich fabrics attached to it. The seating pieces used can be upholstered in velvet, brocade, and embroidered.

2. Choose Darker Colors and Bright Shades

Dark and bright shades are excellent colors to put together if you want a Victorian look. The woodwork should be a darker color tone that matches with the rest of the room. Colors such as violet, red, yellow, and burgundy are common colors used while white can also be used provided it is Victorian furniture.

3. Use Detailed Window Treatments

You can choose from a variety of embellishments to decorate your windows. These window treatments include tassels, cords, braids, and crystals with quality window fabrics.

4. Choose Pattered Flooring

To achieve the Victorian style, you should opt for patterned floors and tiles. Just ensure that they match with the furniture and walls.

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