Tuesday, June 25

Minimalist Double Decker Bed Designs

Just like adults, kids also enjoy their personal space. They want a comfortable place to call their one. Wondering how you can give your kids the “home” they need?

You needn’t look any further than the double-decker bed designed by Van Staeyen Interior design architects. In this article, we will review this bed to help you make an informed buying decision.

Location: Willebroek, Belgium

Designer: Van Staeyen Interior Architects

Style: Modern

Space type: Children’s bedroom

Unique feature: A child’s bedroom is designed uniquely with the addition of a double-decker lofted bed, allowing them to rest, play, and study.

From the onset, you will notice that this bedroom has a curved column. Its interior is eye-catching and is designed to make it easy for your child to navigate around. Made using just white colors and wood; this simple minimalist bed design is the perfect space for kids to combine fun and rest.

The beds are set up on different sides of the structure to give each child their personal space. It also has desks and windows.  Each bed space has shelves to keep books, toys, or even a night light. The children can even put up wall stickers to further personalize the space.

Opposite the bed, there is a long white table, accented with yellow stripes on the side to further brighten up the room.

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