Tuesday, June 25

Some Tips to Pull Off a Mismatched Dining Room

Most times, we think all the furniture in our dining room needs to match. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case, especially if it isn’t predominantly for formal use. The dining room should be a cosy and vibrant place where the family can eat and enjoy their time together.

If you’re like me and you agree that using mismatched furniture in your dining room is the way to go, then here are a few tips to help you pull it off.

1. Pick the Tables First

Many times people want to go for the chairs. It is advisable to pick the table first. This will help you determine which chairs would be better suited for their height and fit perfectly.

2. Use Available Chairs

You don’t necessarily have to buy brand new chairs, especially if you can’t afford them. Save costs by fixing up and reusing old chairs you have around the house that’ll match with your table.

3. Same Designs but Different Colors

Look for chairs that have the same design but different colors. Alternatively, they can be of different designs but same colors. Just be creative.

4.Choose Chairs with Uniform Height

Sitting on chairs of varying heights isn’t very nice. For a mismatched dining room style to work, you need to have chairs of the same height.

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