Saturday, April 20

Classy Novellini Shower Spaces for your Bathroom

While some may beg to differ, I believe the shower is the most important part of a bathroom. To curtail the issue of flooding, some people use a curtain to wall off the shower area, while others use glass demarcations.

Novellini manufactures quality bathroom furniture and equipment. It started a small iron and aluminum-based shop and has now graduated into offering more professional and quality products. Let’s take a quick look at some of those products:

  • Kuadra H uses clear glass along with a Ravenna Painting. It is available in white, chrome trim color, or silver.
  • Kuadra H-LED is like the first but with the addition of contemporary lines on the glass.
  • Giada also uses clear glass with satin bands attached to it.
  • The Nexus Dual is a complete package with hydromassage and steam.
  • Diamanti 2P is clear glass with gliding stainless steel bars.
  • Rose has a saloon door and is very cosy.

Whatever your bathroom size, there is a Novellini design that is the perfect fit for you.

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