Saturday, April 20

Elegant Modern Rifra Bathroom Furniture and Washbasins

Your bathroom is only as beautiful as the items in it. While some use the bathroom solely for cleaning purposes, others use it as a relaxation/detoxing space. Whether you fall in the former or latter category, you should definitely check out these washbasins and Bathroom Furniture from Rifra.

  • This design is sleek and lovely. What is more therapeutic than shapes and geometric alignment in the bathroom? The lighting and contrasting monochrome colors are perfect!
  • This option, while simpler than the first, is every bit as classy.
  • Lights, Mirrors, the bathtub, and furniture- Beautiful! I’m sure you agree too.
  • Are you looking for ways to maximize space in your bathroom? A hanging sink and vanity will do the trick!
  • White is definitely a great bathroom color
  • Those glass-encased balls sure add some mystery and elegance to this bathroom design. The washbasin and faucet look amazing as well.
  • Twins basins; why have one when you can have two?

These Rifra bathrooms are beautiful, won’t you agree?

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