Tuesday, June 25

Tips for Setting up a Welcoming Living Room

Your Living Room is your home’s first impression. Basically, the design of a home is a reflection of the owner. So, it’s crucial to design your home in such a way to give a positive description of yourself.

Below are tips to make your living room inviting and welcoming.

Choose an exceptional paint color

Using faux can give your living room a distinctive texture. Warm and neutral colors are great. Bright colors are also a good option as long as they’re well-matched.

Have an open space 

It is advisable to have a free or open space for the living room. An open space gives you more options for arranging your furniture and allows for better traffic. Plus, it makes you room appear large.

Choose the right furniture

Furniture is one of the most vital parts of your living room. It is advisable to use the same color and texture for your upholstered pieces. Ensure to accurately estimate furniture size to available space ratio.

Ensure good lighting 

Great lighting is important in the living room. You can be creative in the lighting arrangements by incorporating pin lights or recessed lighting, table lamps, etc.

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