Saturday, April 20

Tips for Optimizing Small Bedrooms

Don’t let your bedroom size hold back your creativity. A small bedroom can be just as beautiful as a large bedroom. The bedroom is where most people spend the most time, so it should be cosy and welcoming.

Furniture arrangement is one of the most important factors in maximizing your bedroom space. In this article, we will look at ways to arrange furniture in a small bedroom to make the room appear larger.

1. Furniture Measurement

The first step is to measure the large furniture, such as chairs, dressers, beds, etc. You should also identify the available outlets in the room as they will determine the furniture placements.

2. Prioritise the Bed

Since the bed is normally the largest piece of furniture it should be considered first in the arrangement. Once the bed’s position is established, arranging the other furniture pieces will be much easier.

3. Maximize your Closet Space 

After setting up the bed, the next thing is the dresser. Putting all your clothes in one area will open up the room a little more.

4. Arrange the small furniture

Once the closet is settled you can shift your focus to the smaller pieces of furniture such as nightstands, mirrors, etc.

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