Tuesday, June 25

How to Create a Blue and Orange Dining Area

A lot of people hesitate to experiment for fear of failure and wastage. There’s always the option of consulting design experts or creating a color palette if you’re at a loss for what colors to combine.

If you’re looking to have a blue and orange dining area, this article is for you. We’re sure some of these designs for the dining rooms that will inspire you.

1. Bowman

An orange-colored table with light blue chairs and a classy wall painting will create an elegant appeal for your dining room.

2. Private Residence

You can contrast the colors of your rug and chandelier and mix both colors on the drapes.

3. Dining Room

For the dining room, you can place blue chairs and paint the wall orange. Don’t forget to add paradise ceiling lighting.

4. Atherton Estate

This design involves a combination of a well-polished marble table, orange spotlight seating, and blue chairs.

5. Dramatic Dining Room

A mix of modern and traditional design will make a wonderful dining area. An orange carpet with blue walls, an accented ceiling, and matching curtains will wrap up this design nicely.

6. Fan Residence

Patterns are just as important as the colors in designing your dining room. Classy orange chairs with a circular patterned rug work wonder for this dining area.

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